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Q: Can you work with my existing concrete?
A: We can with most floors. However, some floors are in extremely pour condition and a overlay may be required. To create a new start.

Q: What Concrete options do I have to choose from with your company?
A: We can provide a clean , stain, and seal of your existing floor. We can grind and polish or provide and epoxy finish.

Q: My interior concrete floor is covered with paint, glue, and has many cracks in it. Can it just be cleaned up?
A: Polished Concrete Pros can mechanically remove the glue, paint, epoxy, or whatever and provide a beautiful polished floor.

Q: How long does it take to do the work?
A: That would depend on the condition of your floor and what type of finish you would like to see applied. Based on 1000 square feet, a grind and polished floor finished to 1500 grit takes about one week.

Overlays usually take a little longer due to the coloring process and the amount of time required between applications, as well as the types of sealers we use and drying time.

Q: Should I have my Decorative Concrete Sealed?
A: Polished Concrete Pros believes this is a must. To us it does not matter if your concrete work is inside or outside, simply by walking on your new finish will wear the color off. Sun light will also bleach it away.

Left unsealed, water can migrate into the concrete, and if the work is outside, it would be susceptible to freezing and thawing. Sealers act as a wear surface and will protect your decorative concrete.

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